Rapid Thermal Processing
Performance just as OEM

We offer new parts such as ball bearings for AMAT XE, sapphire probes and gold sleeves. We carry out mechanical and chemical refurbishments, re-coating of RTP components and we also calibrate inspection tools. In the end you will receive a refurbished component which will perform just as well as an OEM component, but will, however, be a lot more sustainable and economic.


Sourcing solutions for Rapid Thermal Processing

For RTP as well, we are able to provide a selection of highly professional new parts. Especially for parts like the ball bearing for AMAT XE which has been cancelled by the OEM and therefore will be no longer available, it may be a real (and sometimes the only) alternative for our customers. It facilitates sourcing or makes it possible at all and prolongs the life cycle of the existing machinery.

We are offering following RTP new parts


Upper & lower ball bearings for AMAT XE


Gold sleeves for lamp houses

Sapphire pins

AMAT Item Numbers

Description OEM Number
Upper Race RTP XE 0020-39360
Lower Race RTP XE 0020-39361
Upper & lower Race (complete) 0010-19534
Sleeve 33,6 mm 0021-36086 (gold-coated)
Sleeve 16,8 mm 0021-35055 (gold-coated)
Temp Probe Sapphire Pin RTP XE
Sapphire Ligth Pipe for Pyro
300 mm Radiance 0010-18024


Used RTP components as good as new

Components used in Rapid Thermal Processing are exposed to extreme conditions and strain, so that they degrade very quickly. Additionally, their structures, regarding shape, build-up and/or composition of coatings are quite complex which makes competent refurbishment quite difficult. Equipment manufacturers mostly only offer expensive spare parts and no repair services at all. That’s where amcoss steps in – we offer a first-class repair service!

We refurbish following components:

Lampenhaus silber

Lamp house for AMAT Xe & Mod1

Mattson reactor SHS2900

Reflektorplatte a

Reflector plate for AMAT XE, Radiance, Mod1


Upper & lower ball bearings for AMAT XE

And we calibrate

  • Tempmatch tools for Centura, Radiance and Radiance+
  • Sekidenko 2000

Regarding RTP a part of Circular Economy

„Circular Economy“ is being talked about everywhere. Even the EU-Waste Framework Directive has marked transition to circular economy one of its goals. Re-use instead of refuse is the slogan. As many products or materials etc. as possible should go into recycling instead of ending up at the end of the one-way road called waste dump – comprising all levels of parties involved in economic processes. As a matter of fact, this is also a big issue with Rapid Thermal Processing because the components used in this process are degrading very quickly and therefore have to be replaced or refurbished in a very exigent manner. So, with our refurbishment of RTP components we not only support you in increasing cost efficiency, but especially in contributing to recycling, conserving resources and to improving your impact on the environment as a whole.


Complex, reliable, economic

Untight welding seams, mechanical defects, fissures, chemical deposits and surface damages can lead to reduced functionality of a lamp house. Even though lamp house refurbishment, due to its complex structure is a very challenging process, amcoss has developed a professional refurbishment procedure. Therefore, our experts are carrying out various process steps as e.g., chemical cleaning, leak tests, mechanical treatments and welding of defective parts. The result is a refurbished, fully functional lamp house, being a lot more economic than a new one.

Lampenhaus liegend

Lamp houses AMAT item numbers

0040-35966 (gold-coated)
Lampenhaus vor Refurbishment

Before refurbishment

Lampenhaus nach Refurbishment

After refurbishment


Sleeves for lamp house

RepaIr OF mattson reaCTORS SHS 2900

It’s all about coating quality and tightness

A Mattson reactor is a very complex construction. Due to extensive exposure the gold
coating degrades and leaks appear. In a time-consuming process the reactor is being completely dismantled to find out about the extent of damage. Afterwards we de-coat, mechanically rework, clean and finally re-coat the parts. After assembly and leakage test the Mattson does not only look like a new one it also works that way.

Mattson Reaktor freigestellt seitlich

Mattson Zerlegung in Einzelteile



Degradation of coating and mechanical damages on all parts

Vor Refurbishment

Before refurbishment

Nach Refurbishment

After refurbishment

Final Leakage test and quality control

After successful refurbishment and assembly Mattson reactors SHS 2900, as well as lamp houses will additionally be subject to a special high-temperature, water-pressure leakage test. In this test real working conditions are being simulated: For 24 hours water heated up to 90°C will be pumped through the tubes and cooling pipes with a pressure of 5 bar. Water temperature will vary between 20°C and 90°C. So, possible leaks can be detected and consequently be repaired. This guarantees highest quality and best possible functionality.

Refurbishment OF AMAT RefleCTOR PLATES

Reflection and process security without compromises

During refurbishment your used reflector plates are being de-coated, polished and afterwards re-coated.
This repair process restores the maximum reflection capacity in all important and relevant wavelength ranges. We have developed an optimized, special multi-layer coating, making absolutely sure to only use materials specified by the OEM, so that no „foreign“ substances might get into the process chamber. The coating design and the technology applied guarantee extremely homogeneous, consistent and long-living coatings, the durability of which prevent early chipping and/or corrosion.

Reflektorplatte bReflektorplatte-Rueckseite

Reflector plates AMAT item numbers

Description For machine OEM number
Reflector Plate Refurbish AMAT RTP XE 0021-35008
Reflector Plate 300 mm Refurbishment AMAT RTP XE 0040-63694/
Refurbishment Reflector Plate BPSG 200mm XE AMAT RTP XE 0021-39570
Refurbishment Reflector Plate Radiance 200 mm AMAT Radiance 0020-08621
Refurbishment Plate, Reflector, 200mm XE, Corrosion RE AMAT RTP XE 0021-03721
Reflector Plate 300 mm Radiance Refurbishment AMAT Radiance 0040-70629
Reflector Plate 300 mm Refurbishment AMAT Radiance 0041-06278
Reflector Plate 300 mm Refurbishment AMAT RTP XE 0041-12192
Refurbishment of Reflector Plate Chamber Bottom AMAT Mod 1 0021-35163
Reflector Plate 300 mm Refurbishment AMAT Radiance 0041-12156
Refurbishment of Reflector Plate 300mm AMAT Radiance 0041-12179
Reflector Plate 300 mm Refurbishment AMAT Radiance 0041-27029
Reflector Plate 200mm Refurbish AMAT XE 0021-35009
Reflector Plate 12″ 0351G BesSun AP


Reflexionschart Reflektorplatten


A well-rounded solution

The surface of a ball bearing is often being scratched and so the ceramic balls damage the PVD coating and the surface beneath. This leads to the fact that concentricity as well as axial lateral run of the bearing get off tolerance. Other consequences are high noise levels and particle buildup. amcoss offers new ball bearings (second source) as well as exclusive refurbishments (de-coating, mechanical treatment, polishing, new PVD coating – the same as OEM coating) – and both at attractive, unrivalled prices. Parameters and quality of our ball bearings correspond to those of an OEM component, but they are a lot more sustainable.


Ball bearings AMAT item numbers

Description OEM number
Upper Race RTP XE 0020-39360
Lower Race RTP XE 0020-39361
Upper & lower Race (complete) 0010-19534

Before refurbishment

After refurbishment



Tempmatch Tool, Sekidenko 2000 & Radiance (+) Tester

Inspection with highest precision

We calibrate following inspection tools for AMAT Centura XE, Radiance und Radiance (+)

Tempmatch Tool 1

Tempmatch tool

Radiance Tester

Radiance (+) tester

Sekidenko 2000

Sekidenko 2000

At first, we will examine whether any optical or electrical components have degraded and exchange them if necessary. Afterwards we will carry out exact measurements and calibrations on various testing devices and with the help of our Black Body Furnace. This procedure ensures best quality of our services for you. At the end of the refurbishment process we generate an individual test report for each refurbished and calibrated tool which together with the device is being provided to the customer. Our service will be a lot more economic than an OEM refurbishment.

Tempmatch Tool Teststand

Inhouse test stand for tempmatch tool calibrations

Tempmatch Tool 2

AMAT inspection tools item numbers

Tempmatch tool

Description OEM number
For Centura XE 0242-34144, 0242-24658
For Centura Radiance (+) 0242-45555, 0242-34148

Sekidenko 2000

Description OEM number
K1-3 für Centura XE 0190-36523
K1-4 für Centura XE 0190-36524

RTP AMAT item numbers

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