New brilliance for reflectors

The very intensive Chemical Vapour Deposition procedure leads to especially high degradation of mechanical and optical components. With sound know-how and solid technical knowledge of repair methods we are able to reliably restore reflection capacity, light intensity and uniformity of reflectors and other components.


Our services for CVD/EPI

Sourcing of CVD/EPI special parts unfortunately is cost-intensive and so, exchanging these parts is expensive. Repairs are complicated and require extensive know-how, which only a few possess, and special procedures, that cannot be carried out by anyone. We at amcoss do possess this expert knowledge and are able to offer perfect repair services for reflectors and other parts of AMAT, ASM, LAM or Research/Novellus.

Your great advantage

In the end you will always receive a product that will clearly be more economic than an original part, but as capable at the same time! So, we can help to make your processes more efficient and sustainable and to furthermore, increasingly prolong the life span of your machines.

Refurbishment & engineering
of AMAT ULK reflectors & LAM RESEARCH DUV Cold light mirrors

Excellent reflection-, light intensity- and uniformity values

Our reflectors – whether new (DUV mirror) or refurbished ULK reflector – resemble a new one as far as light intensity, uniformity and life span are concerned. Reflection values often are even better and more homogeneous than those of a new OEM reflector. Your advantage: you will receive the same or even better quality at a perceptibly lower price.


ULK reflector

DUV Kaltlichtspiegel

DUV cold mirror

Reflection capacity of a new OEM-
and a refurbished amcoss ULK reflector in comparison

ULK reflectors AMAT item numbers

Description OEM number
Reflector, primary center, blasted 300 mm 0200-05829
REFLECTOR, PRIMARY M16, INSIDE, DSS 300M Refurbishment 0200-05762
REFLECTOR, PRIMARY M21CA, OUTSIDE, DSS P Refurbishment 0200-06008
Reflector, primary M16, inside, DSS 300M Refurbishment 0200-07687
Reflector, primary M21CA, outside, DSS P Refurbishment 0200-07686

DUV mirrors LAM Research/Novellus item numbers

Description OEM number
DUV mirror 126 x 47 mm 15-308071-00
DUV mirror 251 x 8 mm 15-327094-00
DUV mirror 251 x 13 mm 15-327095-00
DUV mirror 251 x 47 mm 15-304206-00
DUV mirror 251 x 47 mm edge 15-322844-00
DUV mirror 251 x 73,7 mm 15-327093-00
DUV mirror 251 x 69,4 mm 15-327092-00

Your amcoss benefits

Highest quality and precision of a refurbished component aren´t the only important amcoss benefits: a repair service is considerably more economic than purchasing a new part which signifies enormours cost savings. Easy accessability of parts, which normally are hard to procure or are no longer being supplied by the manufacturer, simplifies the sourcing process and prolongs lifetime and usability of your equipment. Moreover, quick supply and availability of repaired components additionally reduce machine downtimes at your site. Last, but not least, all these advantages support you in reaching your sustainability goals for different business processes.

Calibrating Assy Pyrometer EPI 300-1300C

Measurement precision you can rely on

The pyrometer measures and controls the temperature of the wafer within the EPI chamber. As soon as the integrated optical parts start to degrade, measurements start to become inexact, which makes calibration with an calibration-oven (black-body furnace) necessary. At first, we will thoroughly check the lens and replace it with a new one. Afterwards we will measure the temperature signal with the help of a cooling flange at the pyrometer and our black-body furnace. We then fine-tune electronics until this signal is exactly reached. You will get a newly calibrated pyrometer and can absolutely rely on its measurement precision again.

Assy Pyrometer Teststand

Test stand for Assy Pyrometer EPI calibration

Assy Pyrometer

Pyrometer OEM item numbers

Description OEM number
Assy Pyrometer EPI 300-1300C for AMAT EPI 0090-03991, 0090-03992

CVD/EPI item numbers

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