Proven process modules for a variety of wafer applications

Coater modules

  • Unique bowl design for optimal process results (e.g. no cotton candy when processing high viscosity resists)
  • Servo-controlled nozzle positioning, programmable with absolute distance values
  • Programmable wafer backside and bowl rinse
  • EBR (Edge Bead Removal) system programmable with absolute distance values, also for rectangular substrates
  • Dispense system for up to 5 different media per bowl with single-nozzle positioning arm and automatic nozzle change
  • Different resist dispense pumps (e.g. syringe, trap tank, etc.) available
  • Coater module with optimized bowl and exhaust for best uniformity and repeatability

Lift-off modules

  • Unique lift-off process with large-area megasonic or high-pressure
  • High- or middle-pressure cleaning with DIW or solvents
  • Special reclaim solution for very low media consumption
  • Easy recycling of lifted metals
  • Programmable wafer backside, top-side and bowl rinse

amr Developer modules

  • Spray-, puddle or megasonic development
  • Various developer media per bowl possible
  • Servo-controlled nozzle positioning programmable with absolute distance values
  • Programmable wafer backside, topside and bowl rinse

amr Cleaner modules

  • Cleaning of wafer frontside, backside and edge bevel
  • Various cleaning methods as standard solution available
  • Suitable to work with different diluted chemicals
  • Programmable wafer backside, topside and bowl rinse

amr Control Modules

  • Controlling system with ams pilot software for the steering and easy use of the connected processing modules
  • Recipes are compatible with equipment
  • 10” colour touch screen with IPC
  • Tray for easy handling of wafers
  • Easy access to components in the module’s interior


  • Our ams pilot software is the perfect software-solution for the control of all single wafer processing applications within amcoss equipment. It complies with Semi-standard E95-1101 which guarantees state-of-the art technology.
  • All ams pilot software applications are matched perfectly to the semi-automated process applications within our amr tools . In combination with the self-explanatory and intuitively operable user interface handling of the system is especially easy.

amr Temperature Modules

  • Standard hotplate (60° – 200°C)
  • High-temperature hotplate (60° – 450°C)
  • HMDS vapor priming hotplate (60° – 200°C)
  • Single or multi-zone hotplate
  • Coolplate (10° – 60°C), with either water or Peltier cooling
  • Curing by UV light or supported by UV light
  • Options for proximity control: Fixed proximity, programmable proximity, vacuum contact

amr Media Modules

  • Cabinet made of stainless steel with drawer
  • Integrated exhaust connector
  • Safety trip pan with leakage sensor
  • Supply of different media to the system