Semi-automated coating, developing, cleaning,
lift-off, vapor priming & heating

The modular amcoss amr semi-automated stand-alone spinner is the perfect device for single-wafer processes for substrate sizes between 2” and 300 mm. With its very flexible fields of application in coating, lift-off, developing, cleaning, vapor priming and heating it brings special benefit to R&D laboratories and other facilities with small-lot production and single process steps.

Beneficial highlights

  • Full process control: each selected process is managed by the relevant module of our comfortable amcoss ams pilot software complying with Semi-standard E95-1101. All necessary parameters can be adjusted and will be logged into the software.
  • SECS/GEM interface: the tool can be equipped with a SECS/GEM interface or other customized protocols.
  • High-quality hardware: taking the same proven high-quality, standard industry-components as used for our fully automated amcoss amc tools, ensures reliability in operation, long lifetime, good serviceability and a very attractive price-performance-ratio.
  • Safe: designed accordingly to the newest safety rules.

Download Flyer Semi-automatic amr Single Wafer Processors