Perfect calibration for highest precision

As soon as optical and electrical parts in the AMAT Tempmatch Tool degrade, the calibration temperature drifts. At this point of time, the tool needs to be recalibrated.

After in-depth optical inspection and control of electrical function, our amcoss inspection professionals exchange all necessary parts. Afterwards, they calibrate the tempmatch tool on our special test setup using an AMAT ORI 2000 pyrometer. amcoss will realize this service for you at noticeably lower prices than any OEM.

Our pyrometer is being calibrated with the help of a so-called „Black-body Furnace“, which itself is being gauged by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

For every reworked tool an individual certificate of calibration is being issued, assuring, that you can absolutely rely on the quality and precision of your AMAT tempmatch tool.