We at amcoss know our stuff

We repair:

  • Spin-motors
  • Spin-motor controllers
  • Resist temperature conditioners

Spin-motors and motor controllers used in coating and developing equipment are subject to normal wear. The same applies to heating devices used for resist coating.

We offer professional repair services for these devices. As a manufacturer of complex coating equipment amcoss has got the necessary profound knowledge in mechanics, electronics, and in substrate coating. We know very well about the requirements and have a broad experience. Therefore we are also capable to offer solutions for equipment components from other manufacturers.

Repair from A to Z

In the beginning we strip down the motor or heating device and all parts are being inspected. Damaged components are being replaced and all bearings are being exchanged.

Afterwards we look into electronics: circuit boards, encoders etc. are being thoroughly tested. If necessary we repair, renew or replace.

After re-assembly we carry out an extensive final inspection. Our policy: we will at least meet OEM qualifications and if possible, do better! Your advantage: you will receive a renewed, reliable device at the price of a repair.