Repair of RTP ball bearings

The surface of the guide bearing is often scratched with the ceramic balls damaging the PVD coating as well as the surface beneath. As a consequence concentricity as well as axial run-out of the bearing get out of tolerance. Noise level rises and particles form.

Repair Process for ball bearing for AMAT RTP XE

  1. Inspection and measuring of the damaged ball bearing and documentation of results.
  2. Analysis of the wear-resistant PVD coating before removing it.
  3. The stripped surface is being mechanically worked on and polished until at least OEM tolerances are reached.
  4. Re-measuring of dimensions as well as comparison of the condition of the untreated surface with the help of a “surface roughness-norms-comparator”.
    OEM Spec: 7 AA max.
    amcoss: 2 AA
    → The quality of the amcoss treated surface excels the OEM specification 3,5 times!
  5. Applying the special PVD coating which in respect to efficiency, thickness and composition exactly meets OEM specifications.
  6. Final inspection: All parameters, relevant for a new part, will also be measured and documented by amcoss after refurbishment. Usually they even excel the values of a new part!