Durable coatings – layer for layer

amcoss reworks:

Considerable temperature variations when heating up and cooling down as well as mechanical influences leave RTP components deformed. Furthermore, special coatings will get dull, scratched, chipped, stained or you may find burned-in deposits. Deteriorating reflection values and malfunctioning parts are the consequence!

Manufacturers will only offer you expensive original parts and there are hardly any specialists able to appropriately repair your complex RTP components.

amcoss, however, offers you high-end repair service! Even components with complex structures, such as lamp-houses, do not discourage us. At first all parts are being thoroughly inspected and measured and coatings are removed. As a next step the parts are being mechanically treated and polished. Finally the same coating as on the original part is being applied so as not to change the RTP process. Every step will of course be monitored.

In the end you will receive a reworked component which as far as performance is concerned will be as good as a new one.