Our wide-ranging product portfolio

amcoss engineering components

  • Variety of filters (e.g. I-line filter, G-line filter, Sub-I-line filter, Uniformity filter, Gradient filter), lenses (e.g. condenser lenses, corrector lenses, input lenses, zoom lenses, fly´s eye lenses) and mirrors (e.g. ellipsoidal, dichroic and UV mirrors) for Canon, Nikon, ASML and Ultratech equipment
  • Wafer chucks for lithography, coating and other applications
  • Optical fibres either of glass or sapphire
  • Hotplates
  • Metal, plastic or ceramics precision parts
  • Wafer handlers, wafer end-effectors, dispense nozzles
  • Optical coatings, protective coatings preventing deterioration and corrosion

amcoss repair service

  • Lamp house optics for G- and I-line steppers, scanners, and mask-aligners
  • Canon and Nikon shutters and motors
  • Canon stepper chucks and ASML wafer tables
  • Zygo and HP lasers
  • Robots and controllers
  • Spin-motors
  • Chillers
  • Reflector plates for RTP
  • UV-reflectors for curing and CVD
  • RTP bearings
  • Gold reflectors for EPI and RTP
  • Heat shields – EPI Centura
  • Lenses from Canon and Nikon
  • Spot cures / lamp houses
  • Calibration of pyrometers
  • Beamsplitters
  • Optical Isolators
  • Wafeplates
  • Calibration pins
  • Vacuum arms
  • Gold sleeves
  • Tempmatch calibration
  • Wafertec pumps

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