Repair of UV mirror-reflectors

During the UV-curing process solvents and other volatile substances in the protecting layers are vaporising due to the high temperatures in the lamp. These substances condense on the reflector surface and build up an unwanted layer. This layer then reduces UV reflectivity of the coating and brings down uniformity. As a result: refurbishment becomes necessary!

amcoss strip-coats, polishes, cleans and re-coats. After refurbishment we carry out measurements which show that the coating and – as a consequence reflectivity – are extremely homogenous again. Reflectivity increases dramatically and intensity, uniformity and life-span are significantly going up.

Example: comparative measurements for Axcellis Reflector

Reflection BEFORE Refurbishment by amcoss

Reflection AFTER Refurbishment by amcoss

Intensity BEFORE and AFTER Refurbishment by amcoss

amcoss inspection-/test report