Refurbishment of lenses and filters by Canon and Nikon

Inhomogeneous intensity distribution at the I-Line filter leads to degradation of the coatings of lenses and filters, finally showing as a ring.


The refurbishment of degraded 1st condenser upper and lower lenses, as well as 3rd condenser lenses – in the example below from the Canon FPA 3000 optics – is our absolute area of expertise. Hundreds of successfully refurbished lenses speak in our favour.

Cross Section of Canon FPA 3000 Optics

amcoss Lens Refurbishment Process

After every refurbishment all components are being measured in our in-house laboratory with regard to uniformity, intensity, light transmission and reflectivity.

Data from the production equipment, taken under real conditions during the production process at our customers, additionally and reliably prove the quality of the amcoss-refurbishment.

Example: Uniformity measurement of a 3rd condenser lens

Uniformity Comparison – 3rd Condenser Lens

Example: Transmission and reflection measurement of a 1st condenser lower lens

Comparison of light transmission and reflection before and after refurbishment by amcoss in the wavelength range of 300 to 400 nm and observation in the wavelength range of exactly 365 nm.

Transmission Comparison – 1st Condenser Lens

Reflection Comparison – 1st Condenser Lens