Sharp-sighted engineering

We offer customer-specific:

  • I-line Filters, G-Line Filters, Sub-I-Line Filters, FRA Filters, ISS Filters, UV-Block Filters, Broadband Filters
  • Uniformity Filters, Gradient Filters, RPF Filters, Depolarizers, ADE Filters
  • Condenser Lenses, Corrector Lenses, Input Lenses, Zoom Lenses, Fly-Eye Lenses, Beam Expander Lenses
  • Ellipsoidal Mirrors, Dichroic Mirrors, UV- Mirrors, Secondary Mirrors, Trapezoidal Mirrors
  • Chucks for Steppers and Scanners

In many years of research we have accumulated a veritable pool of expert know-how regarding the optics of G-line, I-line and DUV laser equipment by ASML, Nikon, Ultratech or Canon (also for FPA 3000 in particular). amcoss optics parts are manufactured according to individual customer specifications.

Lenses, filters and mirrors for wafer steppers, scanners and aligners – ranging from broadband scanners to the latest DUV scanner – have been developed over the years by our experts in close cooperation with the best engineers for lithography equipment.

Specialist quality optics

Top qualified, experienced specialists in the production of optical quality products manufacture those parts according to precise specifications. With the appropriate equipment and high expertise first class components are being generated.

Quality control will always be carried through by our amcoss experts themselves, in order to ensure top quality to our customers.