Extensive know-how in microsystems technology

Our competences in substrate coating

  • Development and production of spin coating (developing) equipment for the photolithography industry
  • Development of process modules
  • Software-design
  • Development of innovative equipment features
  • Development and production of special equipment (HDMS, R&D)

Our competences in optics

  • Production of plane and curved optical components
  • Thin-film-coating with plasma-assisted coating technologies
  • Electro plating and electroless plating
  • Strip coating and reworking of used components
  • Assembly of optical components
  • Testing (spectrophotometer, interferometer)
  • Product-specific test setups
  • Pyrometer calibration
  • Design of optical parts
  • Optical simulation

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Our competences in engineering and assembly

  • Mechanical design
  • Electrical and software engineering
  • Spin coating and functional coatings (e.g. wear resistant)
  • Bonding techniques
  • Ceramic thick-film technologies
  • Coordinate-measuring technologies
  • X-Ray fluorescence
  • Electron microscopy with EDX
  • Assembly and testing

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