amcoss – sponsor to the Austrian Union of Handicapped Athletes (Österreichischer Behindertensportverband, ÖBSV)

27. November 2018 |

As a successful company and member of our society amcoss GmbH wants to take on social responsibility. Therefore, this year we are financially supporting the Austrian Union of Handicapped Athletes (Österreichischer Behindertensportverband, ÖBSV). See the official sponsoring video:


ÖBSV represents the interests of people with handicaps in sports – because of their heightend demand of assistence and very often social discrimination and consequently higher needs. Physical training enables handicapped people by building up their bodily abilities to master their everyday-challenges, it is a booster to self-confidence and facilitates social integration.

ÖBSV members can participate in regional or national championships and, if qualifications are met, even in European- or World Championships or the Paralympics. The focus of the organization, however, lies on inspiring a larger number of handicapped persons to practise  any sports, especially as a health care provision.

At present approximately 40 different sports (29 of which are competitive) are being assisted, supported and developed in club-, training- and squad-activities by educated officials in more than 100 clubs with almost 6500 members.

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