Addition to the amcoss lab – new spectrophotometer for 193nm optics

23. April 2018 |

Semiconductor industry moves towards smaller structures. Thus, other wavelength-ranges than those covered by mercury emission lines are needed. KrF lasers (248nm) are now state of the art, but ArF lasers (193nm) are catching up. Consequently, there is a need to provide our customers with high quality optics suited for the deep UV (DUV) range.

To test DUV components and to subsequently provide highest quality to our customers, an addition has been made to our lab: A Lambda 950 UV/VIS spectrophotometer with Littrow configuration by Perkin Elmer.

This new instrument allows us to measure the transmission-, absorption- and reflection-spectrum of optical components within the wavelength range of 175nm up to 3300nm with a resolution of UV/Vis<0.05nm; NIR<0.2 nm.

Our experts are now able to analyse 193nm optics with utmost precision in every detail. So, the range of refurbishments for optical components that we are offering to our customers has broadened substantially.


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