Shine bright like a diamond

2. May 2017 |

Due to a positive development of business activity for amcoss GmbH an expansion of our business premises became necessary.
At the current company site a suitable opportunity presented itself. On the floor above the „old“ amcoss premises approx. 430 sqm of industrial space became available.
After intensive planning, this space was converted within only ten weeks according to our needs. Beside new spacious offices and a modern conference room a laboratory for tests, assembly and refurbishment for components, equipped with modern measuring and testing devices, was constructed. Furthermore a workshop, packaging and storage rooms as well as special media and laser rooms, meeting all legal requirements have been furnished.
In a second step a part of the already existing amcoss facility on the basement floor is being modified into an ample workshop with cleanroom attached for the construction of our amc coating equipment.

To get a picture of what has happend …..

It all started out with a large, empty and rather dull industrial building. At first tons of metal sections and sheetrocks were delivered and the framework errected.


A vast number of drywalls came up, were sealed and finally painted. Ceilings were built in and noise protection cladding was mounted.

Busy workmen installed a completely new ventilation system.

They laid kilometers of electric cables, 3,9 km of EDP cables and did all the electric wiring.

Then the finishing touches: laying out carpets, building in doors and glass partitions and installing the lighting.


Final cleaning and final inspection.

At last, mounting furniture and moving in with bag and baggage.


It all paid off – amcoss „shines bright like a diamond“!


The new office facilities.

The spacious laboratory and storage spaces.

The modern meeting room and roomy corridors with kitchen.


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