Additional features, extra value

Knowing about the differing needs and requirements of our customers, optional features can be customized: such could be an additional cover heating or a special edge-handling. Thus, each customer will get their individual hotplate device.

  • Optional cover heating
  • Edge handling: when lifting it from the hotplate special-edge lift pins will touch the wafer only at its outer edge and NOT on the backside surface.
  • Electronic exhaust alarm and display: serves as a control system for the standard exhaust.
  • Customized proximity: each individual substrate proximity is selectable.
  • Gas-purge: if an inert gas atmosphere is needed for special processes the gas-purge option can be switched on.
  • Vacuum chuck: full contact of substrate to the hotplate with vacuum chucking.
  • ESD chuck: clamping of the substrate to the hotplate with an electrostatic chuck.

Different hotplate options:

  • Multizone hotplate: improves temperature uniformity noticeably as compared to the standard.
  • High temperature hotplate: heats up to a temperature of 450°C.
  • Ceramic hotplate